Will my condition return if I stop doing Yoga Therapy Practice?

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A lot of people come to me saying, “Sir, I started doing your practice, I got better and then I stopped. Then my condition came back.  Well, my friends, this is the reality that we have to work with.

Sustaining Yoga Therapy Practice

Yoga Therapy takes time. When we sustain the practice for a reasonable amount of time, then comes significant improvements but it is not a permanent solution very often, because Yoga is mostly addressing life – style based disorders and when we go back to our old life style that is not really healthy that will easily come back. When we start to do the Yoga practices, we have to sustain the practice but also make sure that we are making positive changes in our life style so that the benefit of the practice is sustained. 

Like I said in the previous video, Viniyoga® Therapy takes any time between one months to three months to give significant improvements. Already it could show improvements from the first or second practice itself.  This is because, when people come with certain illness, they start doing some good exercises, a good practice like Yoga Therapy there will be some impact on this. This is the problem of human beings. When we get enough better to return to our old lifestyle like job or our responsibilities we immediately go back and we don’t really complete the process.

I also talked to my medical colleagues and they said the same thing as well. Many people take antibiotics and when they start to feel better they return to their job and they forget the allegation and once again fall. This is the laziness of the humanity that we don’t sustain what we are taught because we are more attached to the quality of life that we had earlier.

Yoga is a process that causes us to reflect about our quality of life which contribute to the illness. When we embark the journey of Yoga as a Therapy to sustain the Yoga Therapy journey with the necessary lifestyle support systems as well. 

So, my friends, my suggestion is when you talk to a Yoga Therapist about your conditions ask him also how long you need to practice so that these things do not fall back. What kind of lifestyle changes? Dietary changes that you may have to look at so that this process is sustained. Otherwise It is a question of going forward and taking two steps and taking two steps backward. Nobody wants this. Give yourself the time and space my friends, to sustain the practice to that limit where yoga Therapy will take you on a positive movement forward so that you don’t fall back so significantly.  

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Dr.Kausthub Desikachar, Viniyoga® Teacher, www.khyf.net