What is Viniyoga® | Holistic Approach

Why Viniyoga®?

A lot of people are coming to Viniyoga® today because many of them are not finding what they are looking for in Yoga through their own traditions. This is because a majority of Yoga traditions today are focused on the practice of physical exercises only which sometimes they call asana. 

Wide number of tools integrated

Yoga does not only include asana. Yoga has a wide number of tools that is what the speciality of Viniyoga®. In the Viniyoga® tradition we are not emphasizing only on the practice of asana but we are also looking for practices of other tools of yoga which include things like pranayama, mantra, mudra, bhavana, meditation etc., which are all very vital tools of Yoga. We must remember my friends, if one tool was enough in the practice of Yoga Patanjali would not have approached ashtanga yoga a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to Yoga. That is what Viniyoga® tries. It tries to take the authentic approach of Patanjali where it integrates all the tools of yoga. 

Sarvanga Sadhana

So, if you embark in a training with Viniyoga® or a journey with exploring Viniyoga you will discover that we will not emphasise on only  one tool of yoga but we will embark you on a journey is a multi-disciplinary and that will embark includes all kinds of yogic tools and not just partly addressing our physical needs. Viniyoga® is a holistic approach to yoga where it considers our body Is made up of different kinds of dimensions  and tools to reach these dimensions both at a gross level and at a subtle level.  In some ways, that is why Acharya Krishnamacharya calls Viniyoga® as” sarvanga sadhana” which means it is not limited to one limb of the body. It is taking into consideration the holistic structure of our beautiful human system.  

My friends, if you want to explore Viniyoga®, please now you will be taking a holistic approach to yoga and you will explore multiple layers of  your beautiful holistic being.

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Dr.Kausthub Desikachar, Chief Viniyoga® Therapist